How To Avoid Tight Slots

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As discussed on a previous page there’s ways to work out which slots are the loosest and also here we’ll show you how to avoid the tighter slots and what to look out for. However, just take into account that every casino is different and you’ll find that they mix things up every now and then to keep savvy players off the scent wherever possible. 

Generally the tightest machines are placed in more secluded areas where people will be less likely to notice the guy who’s just fired in several hundred pounds/dollars without any joy. These may include the following areas.

  • Near gaming tables such as roulette, poker and blackjack. This is because table players are less frequently seen to use the slots.Tight Slots
  • Around ticket queues as people don’t generally have time to stop and gamble.
  • Near sports areas – generally the sports betting crowd don’t want to be bothered by the noise of the slot machines.
  • At the entrances to casinos – this strategy was initially reversed and you’d often find the loosest machines in the entrances but it was found that players would simply stick with these machines and not venture further into the casino. So, obviously this wasn’t making for good business and they changed tack. Basically, you’re better off avoiding the machines at the entrance. 

Although this is far from a comprehensive strategy it provides a firm basis of knowledge which will hopefully see you saving a few coins and perhaps even profiting a little too!


Finding The Loosest Slots

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There’s a couple of nifty tricks you can use when it comes to finding those loose slot machines which someone seems to have forgotten to tighten the screw on. The location of a machine is one of the best indicators that it will have a higher percentage payout. This is because casinos generally like to place the slots which pay out more in visible locations. Doing this encourages people to play when they hear the clatter of coins being dropped, seeing others winning and motivating them to spend.Loose Slots

So, where will you find these loose slots being placed?

  • A primary location is near the change booths. Obviously, if you are going for change and witnessing others winning around you it provides you with that extra push to spend your cash.
  • On the rotating carousels – these are available to be seen from numerous angles and will certainly let winners be seen more easily.
  • In close proximity to the snack bar or cafe. When you take a break you’ll be more inclined to return if you see some machines dropping a rake of cash to punters around you.
  •  Crosswalks where players have to walk between machines often have some loose slots, as they are available for frequently by players. Seeing these pay out will be more likely to lead players into the main isles to where the tighter machines are often located. 

Top Slots Tips

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We all have our own individual preferences and preferred tactics when it comes to playing slots. However, it helps to know just exactly what strategies can actually have a positive impact on your playing experience and help you to win some cash! Just keep in mind that you can still use your own lucky charms to give you that extra feeling of confidence and perhaps an extra edge but in reality they rarely, if ever, work with any identifiable proof so better to go on something that has some real facts and figures to back up the claims!

Top Tip 1.

Look at the payout percentages on any given machine. The ones to go for should have between a 95 and 99% payout ratio. This will let you get a really good chance of winning when compared to some of the other machines whose payout rates dip far lower. Row Of SlotsThis applies both on and offline. The payout ratio simply means that the machine will payout that percentage of money from what is put into it. So if we have a machine at a 99% payout then you’re getting back 99p on every pound or 1 cent on every dollar. Although it doesn’t automatically mean you’re going to win it really can be taken as the strongest possible indicator of winning. 

Top Tip 2.

Play the maximum number of coins. The only way to win the jackpot is to do it this way. A quick look at payout tables will show you this.

Top Tip 3.

Know when to cut your losses and call it a day. It takes a lot of willpower but sometimes when it isn’t your day it isn’t your day. Don’t chase your losses, it’ll only end in tears.

Top Tip 4.

Don’t pick a favourite machine. It can be hard to detach yourself from a machine that has been paying out for you in the past but if it goes on a robbing streak you’ll only find it all the harder to pull yourself away. 

Top Tip 5.

Maybe not the most ethical of tips and perhaps one that could land you in a little trouble but if you get to talk to a casino employee ask them which machines seem to pay out the best and offer them a cut if you come away profitable – it has been done although in all honesty it’s probably playing it a bit on the risky side!

Slot Machine Tips and Tricks

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Each slot machine that you come across, be it online or in a casino, has what is called a random number generator (RNG). Simply put this is a computer chip that contains churns out numbers which relate to the positions of the slot reels. So each time you hit the play button or pull the lever of the one armed bandit you are telling the chip to generate a number pattern which results in a certain selection of reels on the slot machine to be produced. So, basically when you play you get a random result which varies on each try.

What does this mean?

Well, this helps us to dispel a good few myths about slots and will hopefully let you save and possibly make some cash that you otherwise would not have. These are discussed below.Slot Machine

1. If you leave a machine only to see the next person to play it win straight away don’t feel as though you should have kept on playing. Because of the random pattern of number it doesn’t automatically mean that you would have got the payout. The difference in the fractions of seconds between the triggering of the number generation process makes it practically impossible to say that you would have pulled the lever of pushed the button at the exact moment that would have triggered a big win. 

2. If you keep feeding a machine it also doesn’t mean that you are eventually going to win. Some machines can go for literally days without paying out, despite huge amounts of cash being deposited. All too often you’ll see players feeding a fortune into one particular machine in the belief that it will see them get a payout eventually if they just keep pushing on. This can result in heavy losses chasing that final push which never comes, I’ve personally done this more times than i could possibly count and needless to say I’ve lost a lot of money when it would have been a far wiser choice to just quit and move onto a new machine.

3. Slots may pay out big numerous times in a short space of time. Just because you see someone has had a big win don’t think you you need to avoid that machine. 

4. The speed at which you play does not affect the chances of winning. Firing away as quickly as possible has no effect whatsoever though you might like to think it does!

5. Regardless of whether you are pushing a button or pulling the bandits arm this has no effect on the odds of winning. 

So there you have it, we hope that this article has helped clear up a few of the more common myths about strategies for playing slots!

Slots Playing Etiquette

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As with practically every game on earth there’s a set of generally unspoken rules which you can be expected to abide by, letting you know just how you should conduct yourself to stay within the appropriate manner expected of you.

With slots the first rule would be not to play too many machines simultaneously. You’ll need to look at the room and make a decision on what the acceptable number is. If a casino is becoming crowded then you should really only play one machine and leave the other open for different players to get a go on. Nobody likes a hogger, and if you’re seen to be playing more than your fair share of machines at any given time then be prepared for a frosty atmosphere and dirty looks from the other players wishing misfortune on you.Slots Etiquette If the casino is relatively empty and many machines are free then it’s still a good idea to play no more machines than is in your immediate vicinity. This is usually around 6 machines or so. By spreading yourself too thin it can become difficult to keep track of what is going on and you also leave yourself open to having people walking by lifting your winnings as they pass. This is something that has happened to many a player over the course of time, resulting in some really grim situations and serious accusations being made.

The next thing to say is that if you ever see a coat placed over a slot machine or perhaps a chair tipped against it then you know that the machine is in use. Probably, you’ll find that the player has gone to the toilet or is getting a drink. For them to mark the machine in such a way is a clear indicator that they have invested a lot of cash into the machine and are playing it round its cycle and waiting on that big payout. Whatever you do, don’t jump in here. If they were to walk back and find you emptying the machine after their “investment” you may be in for some seriously crossed words or worse and who could blame them, imagine how you would feel in a similar situation.

The moral of the story is that the slots on a casino floor is a battlefield and you need to conduct yourself in the correct manner to ensure you walk away in tact both physically and emotionally . . . and hopefully with a big bag of cash!

The Growth Of Casino Slots

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The growth of slots both on and offline has increased massively over recent years. Once slots players were seen as the 2nd class citizens of casinos, whereas tables players were thought to bring in far more revenue and be eligible for the range of freebies such as free rooms, drinks and meals, slots clients simply wouldn’t be offered the same luxuries. However, things have changed dramatically and it is now clear just who brings in the majority of the cash revenue to a casino. 

SlotsGenerally, you’ll find that slots players contribute 70% and above to the gross profits any given casino will make. Clearly this is a phenomenal amount of cash and anyone running a casino would be crazy not to stand up and take notice, giving preferential treatment to their slots players. And this is just what has happened.

On average it is estimated that 82% of new players who venture into a casino will head straight for the slots. This makes clear sense when we consider things. Unlike other games you can simply sit or stand and feed your cash into the machines without the need for any added human interaction. The ease of the game is perhaps the biggest draw and when you combine this with the range of jackpots that can be won, with anything from a few dollars to multi millions, then you can immediately see that it has an appeal to all. You can also cater for the individual’s budget like no other game can. For the players on the smaller budgets you have slots where you can play for as little as 1 cent a spin and for the higher rollers, well, the spins can go up to startling amounts. The biggest of the jackpots are also offered through slots, with some seriously life changing amounts being just the push of a button or the pull of a lever away! It’s hard not to be excited at the potential riches on hand ready to change your life.